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Jump Into Foods and Fitness

Jiff juggling foodInterested in finding ways to be more active?

Welcome to Jump Into Foods and Fitness, where Jiff the Joey Kangaroo will teach you what he has learned about growing up strong and healthy by eating a balanced diet from the five food groups and getting plenty of physical activity. Jiff wants to be your guide through Jump Into Foods and Fitness, which is designed to help 8- to 11-year-olds learn about the following:

  • Pyramids for Health
    You’ll learn about how you can use the MyActivity Pyramid and the MyPyramid for Kids to discover the best foods and fitness activities for you.
  • Go the Distance With Grains
    Learn about the foods of the grain group by doing activities like the “Great Grain Obstacle Course” and make your own jump rope so you can hop, skip and jump your way to fitness.
  • High Five for Health
    Did you know that there are five kinds of fruits and vegetables? These super foods provide you with vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber – things that keep you healthy and strong. Learn more about these important parts of your daily diet and about ways to build your fitness through activities like the “Fitness Scavenger Hunt.”
  • Moooving and Motion
    In “Muscle Mania,” explore the 12 muscle groups that are important to keep you moving and active. You’ll also learn about the foods that provide the vitamins and proteins that help build and repair these muscles.
  • Power Up the Day:
    Learn how eating a nutritious breakfast gives you the energy you need to start your day right. Explore how morning fitness activities can give you even more power for your day!
  • On the Go
    When you’re on the go, snacks can provide the energy you need. You’ll learn about how you can create healthy snacks using the five food groups, and you discover “activity snacks” you can use to improve your fitness.
  • Choices for Good Health
    Learn to read the labels on foods so you can make your best nutrition choices. You’ll also design a game using your own fun movement activities.
  • Celebrating JIFF
    It’s a nutrition and fitness party! Celebrate what you’ve learned in JIFF by creating your own goals for future fitness and eating choices.

Through your time with JIFF, you’ll also learn about food safety, including the importance of washing your hands to “slam dunk germs” and the safest ways to store the foods you eat.

Jiff stretchingWant to Get Involved With JIFF?

JIFF the Joey invites you to participate in a JIFF session in your area! Contact your county Michigan State University Extension office to see which foods and fitness programs they have available.

JIFF Helps You Take Action!

After you have learned more about healthy and active living, you can put your ideas into action! Decide on one or two nutrition or physical activity goals to start this week and write them on a large sheet of paper. Decide with your family where you can put them so you will see them every day! JIFF the Joey Kangaroo sometimes keeps goal sheets on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror or at eye level on a door.

Now develop your JIFF Plan of Action to make your goals happen for you! Your actions may be dancing during TV commercials, trying new food choices, starting to jump rope or skate, or joining a sports team! Use the JIFF Eating and Physical Activity Goal Sheet to “jump start” into action!

Jiff playing basketballJiff the Joey wants you to remember:

Build strong bodies and brainpower with . . .

Snacking choices such as fresh and dried fruit; crunchy veggies; whole grain crackers, tortillas or pita; cheese chunks or yogurt; granola, nuts or cereal


Physical activity choices such as playing active games with friends; jumping rope or hula hooping; playing basketball or baseball; biking, skating or skateboarding; dancing or playing hopscotch.


For more information on how to get involved as a youth or volunteer, contact your county MSU Extension office or:

B’Onko Sadler, Associate Program Leader
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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