Staff and Volunteers will be trained in the 10 lessons of the STEPS to a Healthy Teen Curriculm.

Therapeutic Riding for youth with special needs

Join other Michigan youth to experience college life, learn new ideas, and build skills needed for future success. 200+ action-filled classroom & field trip sessions offered.

Join the Upper Peninsula this year at Camp Molinare for an unforgettable camp experience. The camps help youth explore their hobbies, talents, and provide a camp experience.

Join Wayne County 4-H as we participate in the American Red Cross Be Red Cross Ready and Hands-Only CPR workshop and learn what to do in a disaster.

Join Wayne County 4-H as we participate in the American Red Cross Be Red Cross Ready and Hands-Only CPR workshop and learn what to do in a disaster.

Join MSU Extension’s Early Childhood Education staff for a 1-hour online training opportunity held during nap time.

This camp offers hands-on learning activities, crafts, and active play throughout the day while providing a positive and collaborative atmosphere where Cloverbuds can thrive.

Healthy Youth

food, nutrition and fitness

Want to learn more about healthy after school snacks?

“My health to better living”

Kids need all the information they can get about their food and fitness options. You can promote nutrition, health and fitness as important parts of a young person’s development. 4-H offers learning opportunities and resources that help kids make healthy food choices, develop their food purchase and preparation skills, create plans for fitness, and prepare and handle food safely.

Health involves the physical, social, intellectual, mental and environmental well-being of young people. Michigan 4-H Youth Development supports and empowers individuals, families and volunteers to help young people make proactive decisions about healthy lifestyles. 4-H links decision-making skill building to current health issues such as tobacco use prevention, stress management, nutrition and fitness to teach youth:

  • Healthy behaviors
  • The science of human diseases
  • Ways to become advocates in their communities to build healthy lifestyles

Through 4-H health programs, young people develop:

  • Positive values such as responsibility and restraint
  • Positive identity and self-esteem
  • Social competencies such as resistance skills, stress management skills and the ability to make healthy lifestyle choices

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Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Michigan 4-H programs encourages young people to think about the foods they eat and to take positive steps to increase their intake of foods that will keep them healthy and where possible help them avoid foods that lead to unhealthily risk.

Teaching proper nutrition and healthy eating habits takes place in many different activities and forms throughout Michigan 4-H Programing. By training Teen and volunteer and giving them tools, recipes and activities, they can work with youth to provide fun, positive, educational programs that encourage increased focus on healthy choices.

Physical Well-Being

Michigan 4-H encourages youth to actively engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily.  4-H offers programs and camps for youth to learn about new ways to stay active as well as encourage physical activity.  While there are opportunities for adults, teen leaders and volunteers to gain valuable experience through hands on training, Michigan 4-H encourage youth do develop healthy habits by staying active to build a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Safety

Michigan 4-H program helps to educate youth about personal safety including, vehicle safety practices, both as a driver and passenger, tobacco prevention, safe seat belt practices and other areas that keep youth safe from physical or emotional harm.

This priority [MN1] area provides resources and training opportunities for teen and adult from across the state to learn about how they can implement personal safety programs into the work they do with youth.

  • Get involved in youth tobacco prevention. [MN2] 
    Michigan 4-H Youth Development offers a youth tobacco prevention curriculum called “Life’s A Kick! Don’t Start” that provides information and activities designed to encourage young people to make healthy choices about tobacco use. Check out ”Life’s a Kick! Don’t Start” to find ways you can get involved in this very important youth health issue.


For more information on how to get involved as a youth or volunteer, contact your county MSU Extension office or:

B’Onko Sadler, Associate Program Leader
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Phone: 517-432-7618''517-432-7618


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